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 If you are in need of a replacement Velvac RV Mirror for your Recreational Vehicle you are in the right place! 

 PLEASE NOTE: The mirrors in the photo gallery should be viewed and evaluated in terms of what glass configuration you have as well as what style arm, base and head your mirror has; please disregard color and other options such as lighted arms or heated/remote controlled glass, etc. as the part nos. associated with each style will include ALL mirrors configured as the picture in different colors with multiple possible options. 

 What you will need to know about your mirrors BEFORE choosing replacement assemblies or service parts: 

1. Do you own a Class A or Class C motor home? 
If you own a Class C motor home, you will need to know what kind of chassis it is built on, i.e. Ford Econoline (E450, etc.), Chevrolet G3500/Express, GMC Savana, etc. If you own a Class A motor home and choose to search by Make/Model/Year, you will need this manufacturer information. For both Class A and C models, if you search by picture, you will need a basic knowledge of what your mirrors look like. 

2. What color are your mirrors? 
If they are black, white, cream or chrome, you will be able to find them on our site. If they are any other color, they were custom painted by the RV manufacturer and you will need to have your replacement mirror painted to match.  

3. What is the glass configuration of your mirror head? 
Does your mirror head contain one, two or three distinguishably separate pieces of glass? Does your mirror head point upward from the arm or does it hang upside down (inverted)? 

4. What options, if any, do your mirrors have? 
Do you need to adjust your mirror glass manually or is the glass remote control adjustable? Are your mirrors heated? 
Do you have a turn signal light mounted in the arm? 
Is there a lighted arrow in your glass that signals when you put on your blinker (Signal Mirror option)? 

5.What is the length of the mirror "arm"? 
Please see Figure A. for correct measuring procedure. 
If your mirrors do not appear to have an "arm" - the base and arm all look like one piece as shown in Figure B. - you will not need this measurement. 



Velvac Mirrors Listed by RV Motorhome

Velvac Mirrors Listed by RV Motorhome